What differentiates DutchPanna from other products is not only the unique product features, but also the traditional craftsmanship to produce a high quality Dutch product. DutchPanna invents, designs and produces its products all on Dutch soil. If you would like to know how your panna cage comes into being, we will gladly take you through the process of the birth of a panna cage.

The moment that our experts have developed a product idea, it is tested for safety, game dynamics and accessibility. We talk to various groups such as sports professionals, young people on the street and our production partners in order to achieve the best end result. Once the product idea is finalised, our technical draftsmen get to work and reflect the complete product, down to the smallest detail, in a 3D drawing. Truly everything is described down to the smallest part. Precision from start to end is important in order to deliver a cage that is easy to assemble and is also vandal-proof.

The next step is the make of various types of 2D production drawings. Among others Stepfiles for the tube laser cutter and DXF files and bending drawings for the plate laser cutter and the edges. DutchPanna produces special sound-insulating fencing and this is worked out in welding drawings, because we produce each mesh panel part at customised demand and do not cut it from a large mesh. 


DutchPanna always makes sure that the standard products are in stock, therefore we produce continuously in series. As soon as all production drawings are ready and approved, the actual production can start. Generally, the production process consists of bending of the goals, modelling the sheet metal into solid frames by means of a very accurate technique and rolling of the tubes and special mesh.

With all these parts our welders get to work and make sure that all the separate components are connected into complete parts of the football cage. DutchPanna delivers internationally and therefore we have made the cage components in such a way that it takes up less transport volume.

As soon as the welding is finished, we have all the seperate components that can be made into, for example, a PK 5000 PRO. However, a DutchPanna cage has to last for a very long time and therefore the components are taken to the best galvanisation plant we have in Europe. After the treatment the cage cannot rust anymore. DutchPanna galvanises all its products according to DIN and ISO 1461 and to achieve this, all dimensions and weights are registered before galvanisation. This ensures every cage is galvanised exactly the same according to the highest quality standard.

After galvanisation the cage is ready. A nice DutchPanna logo is placed on each cage and a box with mounting and finishing materials is added. The 3D drawing is also now transformed into an easy to read assembly instruction, because if the customer wants to assemble the cage him/herself, it is very easy to do so.


You might think; what about the RAL colour you chose? From the standard stock DutchPanna can finish the cage with any desired coating. These special coatings go over the galvanised base and provide a durable and beautiful finish. Various colour combinations are possible, such as having the goals in a different colour as the fence. A feast for the eyes! 


DutchPanna delivers its sports cages all over the world. In the Benelux we have our regular assembly partner. In the export countries our distributors provide quality professionals who after training can deliver every cage according to the DutchPanna requirements.

And then comes the most important part… Enjoying and playing sports and football in the Dutchpanna panna cage. Years of fun in the maintenance free football cage with the guarantee of always having a dynamic game because of the round shapes of the cage. 


Are you also interested in a cool panna cage for your neighbourhood, schoolyard, recreational park or sports club? Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to look at all the options and think along with you about the realisation of your own outdoor sports area and which cage or custom-made solution will suit the wishes and environment best.

Everybody deserves a DutchPanna panna cage.

The DutchPanna team

John, Johan & Ron

With special thanks to our product developers Nicky and Ton

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