It is nicer when a school tells about why they chose a DutchPanna football cage instead of us saying it! That is why we asked one of our clients how and why they approached DutchPanna. Here you can read through a nice interview with Ron Michel from DutchPanna and Cees Bertijn, teacher of physical education at “Mijn School” (“My School”) in Harderwijk. Cees is also sports coach social care in Harderwijk.

About “Mijn School”

My School is a school for practical education in Harderwijk with many enthusiastic pupils who also like to play sports outside. The student council has asked for a larger panna cage or sports cage instead of the small rectangular field that no longer met the wishes.

How did the request for a new panna cage arise?

We ask Cees Bertijn when the question arose to start thinking about a new panna cage and Cees tells us enthusiastically about the decision.

We have the label of being a ‘healthy school’ and we think it’s important that pupils can also move during the break. On our schoolyard that was possible, but only to a limited extent. It is also good when small groups of pupils can get outside and play football during the lessons.

Ron Michel adds that through the website of DutchPanna an information request came in from “Mijn School” from Harderwijk. There was an interest in the PK 8000. We always contact the customers personally to find out why they choose a particular model, the type of use and their expectations related to that. DutchPanna is not only a manufacturer of panna cages and sports cages, but is mainly also an expert in this field. This enables us to give good advice, so that the result of use exceeds the expectations. We would like to point out the possibility to give gym classes in a safe and dynamic way in the panna cage. It is extra healthy to have gym lessons and to do sports outside. This brings us to the next question in the interview.

What is the purpose of the new panna cage and what do you think is important about a panna cage?

Cees Bertijn: “The aim is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for the pupils and to stimulate play and exercise. Pupils also learn a lot from the regulation and arranging things together, that this requires of them”.

With this answer DutchPanna could get to work because our round and oval cages are not just beautiful to look at, the shape is also much safer than a rectangular cage. You can’t corner each other which would block the game and is also unsafe. More and more often, the DutchPanna cage is part of the outdoor gym class and is the most popular part of the schoolyard during the breaks.

DutchPanna tries as much as possible to think along and advise on location. Upon arrival in Harderwijk, there appeared to be some wishes regarding the size of the cage, but the surface area had some limitations due to a mandatory free passage for bicycles and emergency vehicles. This resulted in the next question.

Customised panna cage or standard model?

Did you need a customised design or did you succeed with a standard model from the DutchPanna product range? And why did you choose this model?

Cees Bertijn; “We needed customisation and DutchPanna thought along with us in a good way. The model very much appealed to us in connection with the multifunctional possibilities of sports”.

Ron Michel adds that the location on the square was too small for the PK 10.000, because the free passage for bicycles and emergency services had to remain. The school preferably wanted to purchase a larger model, like the PK 8000. And that is why a customised intermediate solution was found; namely a length of 9 metres including the wish to lock the cage with a door and safety lock.

DutchPanna gladly thinks along to keep the investment as interesting as possible for the client and that is how the idea arose to put the cage on the wall of the gym. The result was that one fence panel could be omitted, because the cage could be placed against the wall. By not needing that fence panel there was now the option to finance the customised dimensions and the lockable door. Clearly a win-win situation. The part of the cage where there is no fence now, but a gym wall, will eventually be decorated with graffiti art by the pupils. That way, this cage will be a very unique panna cage.

What made you decide to choose DutchPanna?

Cees Bertijn; “The quality and design really appealed to us”.

DutchPanna has high quality products which are all produced in The Netherlands. Besides the cage, DutchPanna also supplies a special all-weather sports floor, which is called the G3 floor. G3 stands for: Recycled Granulated old Gym shoes and is besides 100% rainwater permeable also maintenance free, it reduces fall impact and is sound-insulating.

In the design, safety comes first and is nicely finished off with the colour wishes of the client. At “My School” in Harderijk DutchPanna delivered a black mat fence, shiny red goals and a green G3 floor. Let’s be fair, isn’t it a beauty?

In 2 weeks time the follow up interview about the progress of the project, the cooperation and the realisation of the cage on the schoolyard. Make sure you visit our website again to read how the project ends. 

Design your own panna cage?

Are you also inspired to give the local youth in the neighbourhood or pupils at your school a chance to relax and release energy in a healthy way? Please feel free to contact us.

Stay healthy,

Your DutchPanna team

John, Johan en Ron

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